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La Cenerentola

Northern Lights Opera
Role: Technical Director

Scenic Designer: Angelique Powers
Lighting Designer: Erin Fleming

La Cenerentola: About

Reuse and Recycle

For this show, the scenic designer Angelique Powers reused set pieces from previous shows, so we modified old set pieces to create a new look for this show

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La Cenerentola: Pro Gallery

Multiple Locations

The Northern Lights Opera presented this show in two houses: the Mesabi East high school as well as the Minnesota Discovery Center Amphitheatre! Because of the run schedule, we had a late night strike to move into the Discovery Center in the morning to be ready for a matinee show! This also meant learning two sets of scenic choreography for either space

La Cenerentola: Text
La Cenerentola: Pro Gallery
La Cenerentola: Pro Gallery
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