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Loves Labors Lost

Role: Scenic Carpenter

Scenic Designer: Curt Phillips
Lighting Designer: Mark Harvey
Costume Designer: Kelsie Bias

Cast of Love's Labors Lost, UMD 2019
Actors(L to R): Samuel Keran, Jake Nelson, Ole Dack
Actor: Jake Nelson
Actors(L to R): Samuel Keran, Jake Nelson, Addison Sim
Love's Labors Lost: About

Interesting Challenges

We filled up the small pool with water, and had to figure out the maximum load for the downstage lift, as well as figuring out the pressure the water would put on its tub.

Love's Labors Lost: Image

Hidden Door

We had to create a door through which the Russian men would enter, but also it wouldn't be seen by the women throughout the show.

Love's Labors Lost: Image
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